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So you have gotten yourself a spanking new iPhone 5, and love all the extra 0.5” of diagonal space on it. The thing is, not all the apps for the iPhone have been optimized to run on the iPhone 5’s larger screen, and chances are you would end up with a somewhat similar look to that of your computer or TV screen which does not have a 16:9 aspect ratio and yet is playing a particular movie. Microsoft has taken note of that, and has just announced that they will release a new updated version of Skype for iOS that will take advantage of the additional viewing real estate on the iPhone 5 (and the fifth generation iPod touch too, of course).

According to the Skype Garage blog, “We’ve seen your tweets, comments and app store reviews requesting screen compatibility with the iPhone 5, and we’ve addressed your requests. Today we have released a hotfix for Skype for iPhone; now you can enjoy Skype calling on the iPhone 5 in full screen glory!”

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