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Huawei has not made any official announcement concerning a Windows Phone 8-powered device, but it does seem as though leaks of select smartphones from Huawei’s stable state otherwise. So far, we have seen at least a couple of smartphones making their rounds through the Internet, sporting Windows Phone 8 as the operating system of choice. The first of them is the Huawei W1 which was leaked even before Windows Phone 8 managed to launch, and here we are with what is presumably the Huawei W2, which comes with, in all probability a higher resolution as well as larger display that is accompanied by an 8-megapixel camera located at the back which delivers Full HD video recording capability.

Too bad this is all we have to grasp with where the Huawei W2 is concerned, so very little else is known about the W2 where specifications or availability are concerned. Hopefully more information will be shed in due time!

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