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Apple and patents go hand-in-hand, especially when you consider how the company intends to have a monopoly on design in their recent court tussle with Samsung. Having said that, it seems that Apple has a rather interesting take on viewing items on your smartphone or tablet. Apple has hopes that the day will come where the technology is there to scale content on your tablet or smartphone automatically, depending on how near or far your face is from the device’s display. This can be achieved using the camera (which would be a drain on your battery for sure), infrared technology or other sensors, ensuring that the device will always display whatever you are looking at at an optimal level.

This does away with the need for manual zoom, and assuming the front facing camera is used to scale the kind of images and text on your device, one can postulate that it is a snap to play a prank on this feature simply by holding up a picture of your face or some other person’s face, moving it back and forth from the camera and watch the self adjusting content sweat it out.

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