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As some of you guys are aware by now, Apple is embroiled in a legal dispute with various companies over alleged patent infringement, with some accusing Apple of infringing on their patents, while Apple is alleging that other companies are infringing upon theirs. Motorola is one of the companies that Apple is currently entangled with in a legal battle, although it seems that Apple could finally be giving way and has stated that they are willing to license standard-essential patents from Motorola, but only if the cost is not more than $1 for every iPhone sold.

According to FOSS Patents’ Florian Mueller, this is actually the first time Apple has admitted publicly that they will license standard-essential patents, although we guess that $1 price per iPhone sold is a condition that they have attached to their agreement. The Cupertino company has also reportedly stated that if the court rules that the royalty rate is higher than $1, then Apple will be appealing their decision, but if Motorola were to agree to the $1 royalty, Apple will take the license and begin to pay Motorola immediately. While it sounds like an ultimatum of sorts, we guess it’s still a step towards resolving this issue peacefully and we have to see if Motorola will take Apple up on their offer.

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