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It has taken Apple five years to sell a cool 250 million iPhones, and this is all the more impressive considering how Apple had always been working with computers and notebooks, but mobile phones? They certainly broke new ground with the iPhone back in 2007, and it is interesting to note that the number of iPhones sold throughout the past half a decade has contributed over $150 billion in sales for Cupertino – which no doubt, had also helped Apple achieve the lofty status of being the most valuable company in the world, at least according to The New York Post.

Statistics from Apple denoted 244.3 million iPhones being sold through June 30 this year, selling 2 million handsets each week in the last quarter. If that sounded impressive, bear in mind that the previous quarter (that is, the first three months of 2012) was even more jaw dropping, with the iPhones changing hands from retail store shelves to pockets of owners at a rate of 2.7 million a week. We expect to see this figure increase even more when the next generation iPhone is announced and released, presumably before the year is over.

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