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After the recent release of Tizen version 1.0, we also bore witness to a prototype device that was given out to a few developers made by Samsung. On top of that, there was apparently even an official pledge of support by Sprint. As for the large scale developer’s conference that was held, it seems that the Linux-based OS was running on what seems to be an existing Android phone. During the conference, the Executive Vice President of Tizen Technical Steering Group Jong-Deok Cohoi showed off a few features including the photo gallery, videos and the very important live calls features which he demonstrated on a device that looked to be the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE.

This news is amazing and if it can be officially announced it would just be that much better. The reason for that being that it looks like Tizen supports at least a few of Samsung’s vast array of smartphones at least in the developer devices. If you’re looking to learn just a little more about the features that were highlighted using the device, just watch the video embedded above, regardless of which OS you prefer, this does seem to be impressive for now.

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