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Prior to this latest rumor, there have been several that were floating around the internet. The first rumor that surfaced suggested that Apple’s next-gen iPhone would feature a liquidmetal casing. In addition to that, another rumor also suggested that the iPhone 5 would feature a metallic back instead. This latest rumor from iMore indicates that the company is yet to finalize the design of the next-gen iPhone. Much like the Samsung Galaxy S3 which had its ‘home’ button reinstated allegedly moments before production began; it looks like the iPhone 5 will be going right down to the wire as well. Of course that is if this speculation is true.

If the design is yet to be finalized, either rumor of a metallic black backing as well as the liquidmetal build are still pretty much in the air but one aspect of the design that has apparently been decided upon is the dock connector which has apparently been resized to smaller dimensions. With that said, since nothing official has been announced, it looks like we’re back to square one again but this time constant flow of rumors, speculations and hopefully, leaks can tide us along until the next iPhone is finally revealed during its launch that is rumored to be in June.

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