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A Rightware Power Board benchmark result popped up yesterday and it indicated one of the many possible Nexus tablets that are touted to be released by Google. Besides the Asus version, rumors about other manufacturers also manufacturing their own version of the tablet have to come around. From the benchmark results that are pictured above, we can see that the model number is Nexus 7 which might be a clue as to the size of the screen. As for the manufacturer, it is pretty obvious that this benchmark is about an Asus device.

As for the brand of tablet which further substantiates the rumor, it is a Google branded device which means the likelihood of it being a Nexus tablet is even higher. In addition to that, the intriguing thing about this is that under the version_sdk, we can see that the version of Android aboard the tablet is 4.1 which is rumored to be the next-gen OS by Google, dubbed Jelly Bean. With regards to the ‘Grouper’ we can see here, this is a speculation but since the Nexus One was called Mahi-Mahi, it makes sense. Could we be seeing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean sooner than expected?

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