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The Russian Tennis player who has made hearts melt over the years seems to have been picked up by Samsung to promote the company’s Galaxy Note. Sharapova who used to be a brand ambassador for Sony Ericsson and even did a little stint with Motorola has signed a deal with the South Korean electronics giant to help them position their products in Russia and the other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

At this stage, it is still relatively unknown whether the partnership will cover the globe but for now as you can see in the picture above, the sportswoman is posing with the ‘phablet’ along with her teammates from the National Women’s Tennis team. Although the hiring of Maria Sharapova does not directly construe that Samsung is taking away customers from Sony, the South Korean based company has certainly leaped forward and is second only to Apple in the smartphone market so hopefully, the company will continue to ride their success out with the help of the beautiful Maria Sharapova.

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