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In a recent interview with Portuguese website Zwame that sparked internet-wide rumors, Nuno Silva allegedly made a statement saying that all of the Windows Phones current and past will get the update to the next generation of the Windows Phone OS, Apollo. Now, he has taken to his blog and is making an attempt to clarify the situation. He said, “I recently participated in an interview with the Portuguese website Zwame, where I made some comments on the future of Windows Phone that created confusion. Rumors are swirling, so I feel the need to clarify my statements.”

He then goes on to say that the point he was actually trying to make was the same that Microsoft had already mentioned in 2011 that existing Windows Phone applications will be able to run on Windows Phone 8 or Apollo. He claims to have mistaken app compatibility with phone updateability and that he says is what caused the massive waves of rumors that were floating about yesterday. He reiterates that it was not his intention to give the impression of offering new guidance on any products under development or their upgradeability and ends his post by saying that Windows Phone app developers need to be aware of such things in order to carry out long-term plans for their projects to do with the upcoming Windows Phone 8 Apollo.

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