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As many online shopaholics would know, one of the key advantages of being able to do so is that the online stores are open all the time. A study about mobile users shopping online by BazaarVoice revealed that among the different devices used to shop online, there has been an increasing trend of iPad users shopping more from 8pm and then another batch at 11pm.

The firm which deals in social technology revealed that in the last 3 months iPad users were spending more time on shopping sites than even personal computers with 5:00 minutes on the website compared with PC’s 4:50 and other tablet or smartphone users at 4:19. Although the differences are small in number, the quantity of iPad users which is larger in volume on top of the average time spent by iPad users on-site would mean a collectively longer shopping experience with the iPad.

The folks over at BazaarVoice explained that with the collected data, online retailers could enhance aspects of their offered shopping experience by doing things like an optimized iPad integration which makes it easier for iPad shoppers to research, buy and contribute more regardless of how and at what time they shop. If retailers can help out what seems to be the primary contributor the iPad without totally ignoring the other tablet and smartphone users, it would be instrumental to increasing online retail sales given the numbers of users on the iPad.

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