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Now that Instagram has launched its successful Android app, many of the iPhone app users have taken to Twitter and Facebook saying that the once gated community has become a virtual trailer park. From a few of the iOS app fans, the words ‘there goes the neighbourhood’ could be seen flooding among #TeamiPhone tweets.

It is understandable that they feel this way since iOS instagram users have had time to go through the rough period to learn about the app and refine their phot taking technique and suddenly with the release of the Android version, many of the users who are still new to the app and the filters involved will have to walk along the same learning curve that their iOS counterparts once tread.

A tweet from Tobias Harris from the Milwaukee Bucks stated, “Instagram just turned into the projects now that all you Android users are here.” And that just about sums up the animosity that has been bubbling since Instagram announced that it was going to make an app for Android users. While the iOS Instagram users have been having their say, Android users haven’t been taking the punch of the jaw quietly like one tweet from @callmeMsJones which read “who is hating on the iPhone camera: Just so we’re clear….my camera has more megapixels and it doesn’t always have to flash for my pictures to look nice either.”

Another tweet from a member of #TeamAndroid, @YourFavoriteZoe said “I don’t have to jail break my phone for it to be cool.” All this will probably die off once Android users get the hang of things and start posting acceptable pictures up but until then, it would be nice if everyone could get along. As our friends from the LATimes say, both teams should stop the fight, come together and spare a thought for #TeamBlackBerry.

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