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Tablet accessory provider Griffin has unveiled its new military grade super tough iPad cover which can be used for all the 3 generations of iPads for now. The covers were showcased at UK’s Gadget Show and is said to be coming to the US for $99. To show all who were present at the Gadget Show, Griffin ran a video showing a man throwing and kicking an iPad using the case at every opportunity he got. Besides the iPad case, Griffin also launched the MultiDock iPad station which can house as many as 10 iPads at a time.

The cases which are called Survivors were promoted by Tony Johnson who is Griffin’s Head of Sales for Europe as being ideal for use in schools and by engineers. He iterates that the cases have been tested and certified to meet or even exceed US Department of Defense Standard 810F in order to protect your Apple tablet from vibrations, small falls or sand and water ingress. So if you have found yourself falling over and using your devices to break your fall in the past, you might want to look into the Griffin Survivor for iPad case.

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