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For note taking there are plenty of tools around that would suffice for example, the popular Evernote. But Fetchnotes which is available for both, Android and iOS which has just been released come out guns ablazing with cloud syncing capabilities across multiple devices on an easy-to-use webapp, mobile app or even desktop widgets. Fetchnotes is a simple and straightforward way of note taking and organizing.

The moment you’re signed up, you’re at your notes screen. Your notes are organized by hastags instead of categories, so you can go ahead and start entering things using a hashtag in front of the word you want the category to be named as. For example, I can write, “Must remember to buy those Nikes I saw on #eBay last time.”

From then on, there will be an eBay category which can be used exactly the same way unless it is deleted. If you are an avid note taker, you will notice that they tend to pile up but don’t worry because Fetchnotes has a ‘search’ function to help you rummage through all your categories or the notes themselves.

Over the coming weeks or months, Fetchnotes will be looking into adding voice-added notes and setting up a network within the Fetchnotes app that will allow sharing of notes between members through the network itself. If these features are not yet enough to pry you away from your current note-taking app it is understandable given the quality of applications like SimpleNote, Notational Velocity and EverNote but if you are looking for a new or alternative service, give Fetchnotes a try.

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