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Acer isn’t the first brand that is synonymous with the term Windows Phone Os, but the company has recently expressed that they want to stick with to the platform and come up with new and innovative designs around the upcoming Windows Phone 8. The rumors state that Acer seems to be coming out with a Windows Phone 8 that will feature a QWERTY keyboard that is scheduled for a fall release this year. Although the specifics about the device remain blurry, the device that has been purportedly called the W11 will run the new Windows Phone OS and will feature as a more affordable dual-core device.

For now, as usual, this rumor should be taken with a pinch of salt since nothing official has really come out yet. But the weird thing is, BlackBerry seems to want to save the company by coming up with devices that now feature a full touchscreen but Acer seems intent on releasing one with a QWERTY keyboard which will probably be compared against the leaders of the physical keyboard, RIM.

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