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Talk Android (via Phandroid) spotted three requests for name trademarks made by Samsung. The names most recently spotted are Galaxy Accelerate, Galaxy Express and Galaxy Thunder. While there is a tiny chance that Samsung could imitate Apple’s actions with going with the new iPad as opposed to the iPad 3 by giving one of the names to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIII. Although it is very doubtful that one major player in the field would imitate what its fiercest rival would do who knows what actually goes on behind the closed doors.

Before this, Samsung had actually sent in a prior trademark request for three more names containing the ‘Galaxy’ prefix. They are Galaxy Stellar, Galaxy Halo and Galaxy Emerge.  In my personal opinion, if Galaxy Halo is granted, we could be facing another year in courts for Samsung this time with Microsoft. All kidding aside, there was also a request for a ‘Samsung Wallet’ name which could mean that the Korean electronics giant could be looking to compete with other apps such as Google Wallet and ISIS and many others in the saturated mobile payment business. As always, we hope that you take these rumors and leaks with a pinch of salt because as stated earlier, we can’t possibly know what happens behind those closed doors.

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