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We know that Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S3 at some point later this year, but unfortunately its specs and a release date have yet to be outed, although for Galaxy S3 hopefuls, it looks like a photo taken by the device might have found its way onto Picasa whereby its EXIF data revealed that the device used to take the photo has the model number GT-I9300, a model number which many believe has been reserved for the upcoming Galaxy S3.

The EXIF data also revealed that the device sports an 8.1MP camera, although to be fair EXIF data can be faked, although to serve what purpose we can’t be sure unless Samsung is trying to keep things hush-hush for now. The quality of the photo above could be thought of as disappointing, especially since the camera on the Galaxy S2 was thought of to be one of the better cameras available for Android devices.

However it seems that according to feedback on the photo, it was taken as a test for a HDR function, which might explain the blurriness especially if the photographer had shaky hands. In any case we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more information, so check back with us then for more info!

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