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Back in 2011 when the Amazon Kindle Fire was announced, there were several reports that suggested that Amazon had more Kindle Fire tablets planned and possibly in the larger 10” variety as well. These rumors have persisted in 2012 and thanks to a new report from Digitimes, it looks like a next-generation iPad is being planned.

The publication has reported according to its sources that Catcher Technology will be supplying a new chassis to Amazon, but unfortunately and for obvious reasons, the manufacturer has declined to comment on this. While it was not specifically mentioned that this would be a 10” chassis, rumors from last year and this year all seem to point towards a 10” Kindle Fire as being a successor to last year’s 7” model.

Either way, with the success of the Kindle Fire last year, we guess we can’t say that it’s a stretch of the imagination to think that Amazon is looking at pushing out a successor, then again Digitimes has had a pretty shoddy track record as of late, so perhaps taking this information with a grain of salt for now might be a good idea.

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