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The new anticipated iPhone (iPhone 5 or 6 or the new iPhone) looks like it will be on course for a few changes but nothing has been confirmed about it yet. Several online sources report that Apple is working to reduce the size of the traditional 30-pin dock connector to something smaller. The reason given for that move is so that other components can be fitted inside.

That brings us to the next rumor. Why would they need more space? Like the new iPad which is thicker because of the LTE capability, the upcoming iPhone will probably be fitted with it as well if we follow the logic Apple has been following for the past phone releases. So another feature we will probably see on the new iPhone is a 4G LTE radio.

Following that trend of past phone releases along with the iPad releases; there is also a new update for iOS so we can expect to see iOS 6. However, regarding the OS update we cannot put a finger on when exactly it will be released. Last but definitely not least is that sources have revealed that making the iPhone larger as rumored earlier (4.6 inches) might not be plausible as it would affect the apps being used on the Retina Display. Although the much debated issue about screen size is afoot, there are still many users who want a larger screen (and also many who would like to maintain the 3.5”) but it looks like the screen may be maintained or slightly increased in the next instalment of the iPhone. Also we are currently looking forward to a Fall (October) release of the device.

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