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It looks like HTC might be interested in giving Apple a run for its money as far as the iPod is concerned. This was revealed in a patent filed by HTC back in Q1 of 2011 which showed off a device that comes without broadband networking capabilities, revealing it to be a WiFi only handset, and if the recent wave of PMPs (portable media players) give us anything to go by, it is safe to assume that if and when this device is released, it will be running on Android.

Interestingly the patent revealed a design that seems to be a cross between the HTC Vivid’s pyramid shaped back and the Thunderbolt’s speaker grill. It also sports a kickstand at the rear that allows it to be propped up with the front-facing stereo-speakers pointed directly at the user which will help during movies, music and games playback. While we have no idea how it would perform in real life, what do you guys think of another Android powered PMP hitting the market with such a design?

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