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There have been rumblings of a Google Nexus tablet that will be launching some time later this year. Many have speculated that it would be built by ASUS and would be based off the company’s ASUS MeMo 370T tablet revealed earlier this year at CES, but how much would Google price their device? Well if the reports are to be believed, it looks like Google could be looking to give Amazon a run for its money by pricing it at a competitive $199, ultimately pressuring other Android manufacturers to bring down the price of their tablets.

Since Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, set to launch in the third quarter, is expected to be priced around US$199-299, Google will price its tablet PC at US$199 to even out the price advantage.


Currently, both Acer and Lenovo’s 7-inch tablet PCs have already dropped to a price range of around US$279, leaving Asustek Computer’s 7-inch MeMO 171 and some of Samsung’s 7.7-inch and 7-inch models still priced above US$500; however, since Asustek plans to launch its new MeMO 370T with a price of US$249 in the near future, Samsung may soon be forced to follow suit to drop its prices, while some second-tier white-box players are even reducing their tablet PC prices to below US$159 to survive.

What do you guys think? Digitimes has had a pretty shoddy track record so far, but given the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire which saw enormous adoption due to its competitive pricing, we wouldn’t be surprised if the rumored Google Nexus tablet would be priced just as competitively in order to help attract users onto the Android platform.

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