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google maps traffic estimate

At one point in the not so distant past, Google Maps offered its users two separate timing estimates to reach their final destinations the first was if the user was going through ideal traffic conditions and the second was if the user was stuck in a hair-pulling traffic jam. However, users were constantly complaining about the timings being far from accurate. This in turn made the search giants remove it from their application as discretely as they possibly could while continuing with only ‘ideal traffic’ times.

Well all that was a moot point now as Google has announced its re-launch of traffic-based timing and this time around, they have even gone so far as to assure its users that they will be much better than ‘the last time’. According to Google, they say that now users will be given a timing based on “the current traffic”. The company has accomplished this with the usage of both, live and historic traffic data. They also encourage users to switch on “My Location” in Google Maps for Android’s version of the app should the ‘live traffic’ you are currently facing isn’t as accurate as you’d like it to be.

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