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Apple’s new iPad certainly is making waves with its new Retina display and its LTE connectivity, but it seems that according to several reports (here, here and here), the new iPad could be facing a heat issue. So far there seems to be only one or two cases where the iPad has prompted the user to turn off the device due to overheating, but for the most part the reports have been pointing towards a particular portion of the tablet that tends to get warmer compared to its predecessors.

Some have attributed this to the new iPad’s larger battery and new processor, while others claim it’s due to the Retina display and new GPU, while others are saying LTE could be the cause. However it seems that at an Apple store, a staff working there has reportedly “confirmed” that the new iPad is indeed hotter than its predecessor due to its battery. In any case since we don’t have the iPad ourselves, we can’t really speak for its overheating, although we’d love to hear from new iPad owners out there if they are experiencing overheating issues themselves.

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