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ICS Google Voice

Google has released an update for Google Voice that is deeply integrated with Android ICS. The feature uses the ICS dialer and allows users to view and listen to their Google Voice voicemail in the basic call log. It is the first time we are seeing a visul voicemail that is based on Ice Cream Sandwich API. ICS users will also see new features like an updated user interface that resembles Google’s ICS holo theme.

Besides the UI, they will also enjoy a new menu bar at the bottom of the screen. Google has also tweaked the program to allow users to slow down or speed up message playback which will be helpful depending on the user’s needs. If you need to listen to details or the voicemail is slightly muffled you can slow down the play back and if you receive a long voicemail which is not as important, you can speedily breeze through the play back to go on through your list of voicemails you will probably want to save up so you can use this cool feature.

In order to enable the features, users will not have to exert themselves too much. Simply head over to Google Play and download the latest application. Once opened, check “voicemail display” in Google Voice settings. It seems that Google really know what they are doing when it comes to keeping their applications both inter-twined and additional to their OS, fresh and relevant.  I can agree with Charles of IntoMobile when he says that most people that I know regardless of their preference of OS love Google’s VoIP network and would definitely rethink their decisions should Google suddenly decide to become a corporation, to be exact, a carrier.

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