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With the success of the Amazon Kindle Fire, especially with its competitive pricing, many analysts have formulated theories that Apple could stand to launch a similar tablet of their own in order to stay relevant and maintain their competitive edge. However the late Steve Jobs has mentioned in the past that 7” tablets are too small, but we guess that wasn’t enough to stop the rumors from rolling out.

It seems that Digitimes is back again with yet another iPad rumor, this time saying that a 7.85” iPad will be seeing production ramp up in Q3 2012. Does a smaller iPad make sense to you guys? Apple has never really been known to cater or cave into the market’s demands in the past, and we don’t see why they will start now. However we guess there are some out there who might prefer a smaller sized iPad, but we guess we will keep our eyes peeled. Until then, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt.

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