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Texting and driving is a big no-no, but texting and walking isn’t exactly safe either. This could result in you bumping into a passerby, or walking into a manhole, into a lamp post, and cars could even hit you if you walk off the side walk and into oncoming traffic. The good news is that an app called Transparent Screen is looking to change that through the use of your Android device’s rear-camera.

As pictured above, the app will make your whole Android experience a semi-transparent one, thus allowing you to walk and use your phone at the same time. Based on reports of the app, users will be able to adjust the transparency accordingly, but it seems that due to different apps using different UIs, one transparency setting does not fit all and will have to be constantly adjusted. It is a pretty cool app and a pretty nifty idea that has been seen before in other text apps, but if you’d like to experience transparency across your entire Android device, this might be an app worth checking out.

As the app is not available via the Android Market, we suggest that you might want to do a bit more of your research before downloading it as it could contain malware. However if your curiosity got the better of you, the app can be downloaded for free via App Brain.

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