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Apple’s upcoming iPad 3 is rumored to feature a Retina display with a whopping resolution of 2048×1536. Rumored to be the provider of those display panels is Sharp with their IGZO displays, but it was reported that the yield rates were not up to Apple’s standards. However Charles Annis, an analyst at DisplaySearch still thinks that Apple’s iPad 3 could still have a very good shot at featuring Sharp’s IGZO panels.

Based on an interview he gave with CNET, he seems to think that due to the fact that Sharp is currently mass producing IGZO displays, and that there is not a single commercially available IGZO display available right now, Apple could very well be the first company to start offering them on a commercial level, an exclusive and a world’s first that we think Apple would undoubtedly attempt to milk the heck out of it in terms of marketing the iPad 3’s features.

Charles Annis also seems to think that iPad 3 sales could start in April, which means that a launch and announcement of the iOS tablet in March would also be likely. Either way we’ll take this with a grain of salt for now, but without doubt an iPad with an upgraded display is definitely high on the wish list for many iPad 3 hopefuls – let’s hope that Apple does not disappoint!

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