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Intel has announced that they plan to enter the mobile industry by introducing mobile processors of its own. This would put them in competition against companies such as Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and NVIDIA, all of whom have plenty of experience as far as mobile processors are concerned. Well Intel is looking to change that with their Medfield platform, and if you’re curious as to who will be among the first few to feature Intel’s Medfield platform, thanks to the leaked rendering above, Motorola could very well be among the first few.

The rendering above was obtained by PocketNow and basically they are claiming that the device pictured above is a Motorola Android handset running on Android 4.0, but at the same time is powered by Intel’s Medfield platform. Will this really be a Motorola handset powered by Intel’s Medfield platform? Hopefully Motorola will be unveiling this particular handset at MWC 2012, so check back with us again for more info!

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