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docomo DoCoMo launches cloud based translator phone service in JapanFor those who travel to many different countries, attempting to get your message across to the locals who don’t speak your language is a frustrating experience, even more so when you attempt to make a phone call and they can’t see you attempt to gesture what you mean. Well DoCoMo has the answer for that in the form of their cloud-based translator phone service, which as the name implies will translate a foreign language in real-time to another language.

This process is said to take up to two seconds, which while may not be as natural as a conversation is definitely better than nothing! Unfortunately at the moment the service appears to only support the translation of Japanese to English and vice versa, with DoCoMo boasting 90% accuracy for Japanese, while English accuracy is set at 80%, which while not as high is still pretty impressive.

The service is currently being offered as a trial run from now until March 2012, and if all goes well, the translator service is expected to launch on a commercial scale and will be available to customers after the fiscal year 2012.

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