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Sick of constantly having to hold your iPad 2 up with your hands while watching your shows/videos in landscape mode? While there are a variety of stands/docks available, here to add more choice to that list would be Ten One Design’s Magnus iPad 2 stand, which as the name implies utilizes a magnet which is used to help keep your iPad 2 propped up while in landscape mode (as pictured above).

The Magnus iPad appears to be rather sleek in design and supposedly utilizes a strong magnet to keep the iPad 2 stable. The stand is made out of machined, recyclable aluminum, nickel-plated neodymium, recyclable plastics, recyclable carton, and PET-coated paper fiber. While we have yet to actually try it out for ourselves, we have to admit that its sleek and minimalist design should feel right at home propped up next to your Mac computer.

For more information or if you’d like to pick up the Magnus iPad 2 stand for yourself, head on down to Ten One Design’s website where you can pre-order it for $49.95 with shipping estimated for the 24th January 2012.

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