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Samsung ChatON iOSSamsung launched its cross-platform messaging app last year with the ChatON app for Android and bada devices. Well, it looks like the app has finally arrived on another major mobile platform – the one and only iOS. Considering how Apple and Samsung’s are going at each other’s throats in the courtroom, it’s surprising to see Samsung even bother – but I guess iOS is too huge to ignore.

For those not in the know, ChatON is an app that works in the same vein as WhatsApp/Kik messenger – it lets users send messages to each other ChatON users using data instead of with regular SMS text. Since it doesn’t use a lot of data, and there’s plenty of free WiFi around to take advantage of, it essentially translates into free messaging. Especially useful for folks who communicate with people in other countries.

ChatON allows one to one conversations, group chat, group messaging, the sharing of multimedia content and even animated messages. Pick it up from the Apple App Store for free.

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