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We have to admit that we wish the Nokia N9 was available stateside. That would mean that we wouldn’t have to pay a ridiculously high price for an unlocked phone and shipping duties as well, but if you think that the Nokia N9 is worth your hard earned money and you wouldn’t mind splurging, it looks like the white version of the N9 is finally up for sale.

Unfortunately it appears to be available via an online retailer in Finland, which means that either your shipping fees are going to be exorbitant or that they won’t ship outside the country, which is usually the case anyway. Either way if you know someone who can get the phone for you, or if you happen to live in Europe, you will be able to pick up the 64GB white version of the Nokia N9 for a whopping 629.90 (~$840) via Verkkokauppa’s website.

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