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Looking forward to some new LTE-capable Windows Phone devices? Well assuming Paul Thurrott of Winsupersite’s information is on the money, it looks like we will be able to expect three LTE-capable Windows Phone handsets make an appearance at CES 2012. Two of the devices we have mentioned before – the Samsung Mendel and the HTC Radiant, and the third would be the highly rumored Nokia Lumia 900, or better known as the Nokia Ace.

Paul Thurrott also suggested that the Nokia Ace, Samsung Mendel and the HTC Radiant will all be making their way onto AT&T’s network, which given how the carrier has recently launched their own LTE network, it’s not really a stretch of the imagination. He even went on to specify that the devices would be launched by the middle of 2012 and even outed the release date of the Nokia Ace for the 18th of March 2012.

It should be noted that none of these devices can be confirmed, assuming they even exist at all, let alone come with a specific release date attached to it. However for Windows Phone fans or hopefuls, we guess you have these dates to look forward to. Until then we suggest you take this with a grain of salt, at least until CES 2012 where we are hoping more information will be revealed.

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