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Microsoft’s Windows Phone is at its Mango staged at the moment, which is basically Windows Phone 7.5, and thanks to an apparent leaked roadmap, we now know what we should be able to expect from Microsoft come 2012. As pictured above, the roadmap reveals Microsoft’s plans to launch the Tango update come Q2 of 2012, which just like the previous rumors had suggested, would be a minor update that is targeted towards lower-end devices, which may be a good thing for those looking to hop aboard the smartphone bandwagon without having to spend too much money on a phone.

Q4 2012 however will be slightly more interesting with Apollo, which some are speculating will most probably be known as Windows Phone 8. Based on its description, it seems that Microsoft anticipates by the time Apollo hits, the volume of Windows Phone devices being pushed out into the market will be significantly higher, which is when they will start introducing “superphones” that will also target the enterprise user.

Microsoft did express their plans to introduce Windows Phone devices with 4G LTE connectivity and dual-core processors (which might seem a little irrelevant come Q4 2012 with possible quad-core devices), so perhaps Apollo might be addressing those needs then. However since we can’t really verify the roadmap for ourselves, we suggest you take this with a grain of salt for now.

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