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Yes, everyone and their dog knows that the iPhone as well as iPod touch are two devices which are multimedia friendly – so much so that the iPhone 4S now carries 64GB of internal memory at the top end side of things, allowing you to stash away just about anything and every single music video, songs as well as movies that you can watch for an entire day in a row without having to suffer from watching or listening to the same file twice. Having said that, if you want to share the love with others around you, a decent pair of headphones won’t do the trick – but with an amplifier or speakers, that would certainly be something. Here is the unpowered amplifier known as the Megaphone for the iPhone (and iPod touch) that comes in the form of a large ceramic horn that was designed by Italian design firm en & is. Just how much do you need to pay for this puppy? Well, it will cost anywhere from $540 to $800.

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