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If you were thinking of getting your hands on the HTC Flyer, you might be in for disappointment. It seems that the tablet is no longer being listed on Best Buy’s website and some are speculating that perhaps the tablet could have been discontinued. Given its expensive price tag, not to mention that previously the Scribe stylus was once sold separately for $80 did not exactly make the HTC Flyer the most popular tablet that one could buy with their money.

The tablet has recently been appearing in sales for $240, so perhaps that was already a sign that HTC was looking to wind things down and that retailers were trying to unload their stock. The good news is that hopefully this means that HTC will soon be announcing plans for a brand new tablet in the quad-core variety, and hopefully they will learn from their mistakes the second time round. Either way we can’t really confirm this, perhaps there might be other reasons why Best Buy is no longer listing the product, so don’t take this as a hard truth for now.

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