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A while back some renderings of a tablet running on stock Android appeared. While this was in no way a leaked or official rendering by Google, it brought up the question – would Google eventually release a Nexus tablet of its own? After all, manufacturers such as Samsung, Motorola and HTC and even Amazon have tried their hands at making an Android tablet, so why wouldn’t Google attempt the same thing especially since they’ve tried something with Nexus-branded smartphones.

Well now it turns out that Google does indeed have a Nexus-branded tablet planned, at least that’s according to Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. He promised that Google would be releasing a pure Android tablet “of the highest quality” in six months. Pretty bold claims unless Google has been working on such a device already.

Unfortunately we do not know who will be manufacturing the tablet. Will Google be turning to Samsung once again, or will they turn to Motorola Mobility whom they are currently in the process of acquiring to build their brand new tablet? Either way this is rather exciting news and we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes out for this one!

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