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One of Android’s cool features is the ability to lock your phone using a swipe pattern that is determined by you. However it appears that a bug in AT&T’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 allows non-authorized users to bypass the pattern lock.

At the moment until a fix has been released, all an unauthorized user would have to do to gain access to your handset is to wake the display, let the display time out and simply tapping the unlock button again will allow you to bypass the handset’s lock screen! However this doesn’t seem to be a huge issue as there is a workaround where users just need to change their timeout screen to the “immediately” setting. Interestingly those who Microsoft Exchange security policies don’t seem to be affected by this issue.

Samsung has stated that they are looking into this matter but no word if and when a security fix will be made available. This also seems to affect AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S2, so for those running Sprint’s Epic Touch 4G, you guys are safe for now.

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