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The HP TouchPad has been on a fire sale, and lately there have been talks about the device possibly getting custom ROM that will run Android on the device instead of webOS. While there has been a group of developers who have been working on the ROM, it seems that someone else has managed to achieve the same results, and is now putting his efforts up on eBay.

The HP Touch he managed to mod is running Froyo 2.2 out of the box and there are videos where he demonstrates the tablet running on Android. The bad news is that there is a pretty hefty premium for the modified TouchPad, and if you’re interested in getting your hands on the device it will cost you $700, which is a 250% markup from its original price (not taking into account the fire sale price).

Perhaps waiting for the possibly free ROM might be a better solution for those who are curious about the Android experience on the TouchPad.

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