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It seems that Steve Kondik, who also goes by the handle Cyanogen, has been hired by Samsung for an undisclosed sum of money. Android users should definitely be aware of the name, and for those who don’t, CyanogenMod is an Android ROM that has a wide range of support for a variety of Android devices. It was probably thanks to his work that made Samsung interested in hiring him.

His job there will be as a software engineer although we’re not sure if Samsung has plans to start producing a Cyanogen phone, although that would be pretty cool. As for the mod itself, Steve has said that CyanogenMod will remain a side project, and we’re not sure what to make of that. Could it mean that he will be devoting less time to it since his hands will be full with Samsung now, or could it mean that by keeping it as a side project, it will not interfere with his work with Samsung.

Well either way, a big congrats to Steve Kondik for landing a great job at Samsung!

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