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Windows Phone 7 fans, if you curious about the next upcoming Windows Phone 7 device, it looks like HTC has not disappointed as leaked photos of what’s known as the HTC Eternity have been found online. It’s said to be featuring a monster of an display at 4.7-inches as well as an 8MP camera rear facing camera and a 1.3MP for video conference calls, 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, 16GB of on board storage, 512MB of RAM and HDMI out.

Design wise the phone isn’t anything great. It doesn’t look like it has strayed far from HTC’s typical designs, which could be taken as a good or bad thing, depending if you’re a fan. We’re also guessing that the device will most likely come with Window Phone 7’s Mango update as well. No word on when it will be released, but since it has apparently been leaked, we can only assume the real thing shouldn’t be too far behind.

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