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In a recent interview conducted by Pocket GPS World with TomTom, it was stated by TomTom that they are currently working on an app that will be coming to the Android Market soon, although there was no time frame given nor pricing either, but if pricing is going to be anything like what it is priced in the Apple’s App Store, then expect prices ranging from $50 onwards, depends on your region.

If you are unfamiliar with TomTom, they are a navigation systems company that designs maps and provides routing information while driving, kind of like a souped up version of Google Maps with voice directions included. According to their website, the iOS app even comes with the voice of Homer Simpson if you’re a Simpsons fan. Compared to other apps commonly found in the Android Market would you be willing to fork out $50 and above for this app, or will Google Maps be sufficient? Or would you rather take the money, add on a bit more and get an actual dedicated GPS unit instead?

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