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Symbian users if you’re looking for an alternative to the popular check-in application FourSquare, check out NeliSquare instead, and Neli in Finnish is “Four”, how about that.

The font is a bit reminiscent of FourSquare and so is the layout but apparently it runs smoother and it features bigger fonts and buttons making it ever so slightly easier and more convenient when you’re attempting to check in on the go.

As it stands the app is currently in Alpha stages meaning you will more than likely encounter tons of bugs and issues plaguing the app, as are all apps and software that are in Alpha stages.

No word on whether this app will remain free after it enters the final stage although we’re guessing it should, but if you want to give the Alpha version a whirl get it from the Nokia forums here. Also it is only polite to provide feedback to developer after use as it will help with bug spotting and a quicker final release.

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