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It’s no surprise that Windows is hoping to lure more developers over to their platform, after all in terms of smartphone market share, Windows Phone 7 is somewhere at the bottom while the big boys at Apple and Android are riding high on the waves of success.

Perhaps in a bid to start poaching developers over to the Windows Phone 7 platform in anticipation of the success of the Mango update and a slew of Windows Phone 7 devices expected to hit the market some time in the following months and next year, Microsoft has released a tool which would help developers of other platforms learn how to port their apps over to Windows Phone 7.

“We’ve added Android to the Windows Phone API mapping tool to help developers find their way around the Windows Phone platform,” Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Sr. Technical Evangelist – Interoperability, notes in a blog post.

The tool basically reads like a book with 7 chapters and over 90 pages in documentation but if reading long documentations and manuals is your thing, or perhaps you’re looking to hop aboard the Mango bandwagon, just head on down to the Windows Phone blog for more details.

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