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As we all know iOS 5 is said to be supported by the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 but there were some concerns about how well the iPhone 3GS could handle iOS 5. Prior to iOS 5 the iOS 4 was made available to the iPhone 3G and after 4.1 there was complaints on how slow iOS 4.1 was on the iPhone 3G.

In the vide of the side by side comparison of iOS 5 on the 3GS and 4, it looks like the 3GS is ever so slightly slow than the 4 but definitely still very usable although we’re not sure how many updates of iOS 5 could the iPhone 3GS take until it becomes unbearable.

In the video you will also notice that the differences in camera whereby the iPhone 4 featured the HDR option while the 3GS did not. However it’s good news for iPhone 3GS users because apart from a bit of lag and some missing features which we hope will find its way to the 3GS in the final build, it looks like 3GS users will be able to enjoy what the iOS 5 offers.

Check out the video of the 3GS and 4 running iOS 5 in action here.

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