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Blackberry fans it looks like you might have to wait until September, especially if the Blackberry Bold 9900 was the phone that you had your heart set on. This can’t bode well for RIM as their market share in the smartphone market has been on the decline, and this delay may very well push users who just ended their contracts onto another device simply because they don’t want to wait around for RIM to release this device.

Also if you remember we had reported about three weeks back that apparently there were some users on eBay who were selling the Bold 9900, or rather taking pre-orders. If you were one of those who was unlucky enough to pre-order the Bold 9900 through eBay, it looks like you will be in for a long haul.

On the bright side, rumor has it that RIM might have one more major OS release, very possibly the Blackberry OS 7.5, so perhaps those who are waiting for the Blackberry Bold 9900 might be lucky enough to get the latest OS installed in their device when it is finally shipped out.

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