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Tablets are now starting to hit their stride, thanks in part to the iPad 1 that got the ball rolling, so by all accounts they are considered to be newer than smartphones at least in this day and age, but yet in a report done by eMarketer, it seems that tablets are preferred by their users to conduct online shopping transactions as opposed to smartphones, as you can see in the pie charts to the right (Photo courtesy of eMarketer).

Overall tablet owners have reported that online shopping done on their tablet provided a better experience. Do you think that’s true? Would you prefer to shop on your tablet or smartphone? I think the tablet’s larger screen real estate allows online shopping to be conducted better, as opposed to the relatively tiny screens that smartphones sport in comparison to tablets. I guess the bigger screens help when viewing the products that consumers are about to purchase.

However it was reported that there were certain products that were bought more on smartphones than tablets, such as DVDs or music, food even and of course movie tickets. So, tablets or smartphones? Let’s hear them.

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