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If you are one of the few that have been trying to get their hands on the iPad 2 but have been told repeatedly that it’s out of stock, not to worry as it seems that thanks to better yields in iPad 2 production through retooling and conversion of more overseas production lines, the supply shortage woes of the iPad 2 seem to have lessened.

Although pretty far from their initial mark it seems that Apple is clearly on their way to recovery. A little background regarding the iPad 2 issues as there have been a couple of factors. One of them due to LG’s LCD leaks that affected many units of the iPad 2, causing LG to cease production for the iPad 2 in the first quarter while they attempted to fix the problem. Second was the issue of Foxconn, one of the major manufacturers of Apple products, where they faced shortages in terms of labor and parts.

I guess all that seems to have been put behind now as Apple has increased the number of iPad 2’s sold from 5.9 million to 6.8 million in the current third fiscal quarter of 2011.

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