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If you have recently updated your Blackberry Playbook’s operating system you might have noticed that your Playbook’s battery life isn’t what it used to be. However if you have not noticed perhaps you should take note that there have been some reports that after the operating system update to 1.0.3 which introduced Blackberry Messenger (BBM) and video chat, battery life has dropped by 11% or so, give or take.

RIM released a statement on the subject shortly thereafter and suggested that PlayBook users who are experiencing weak battery life after the operating system upgrade should discharge their batteries completely and then fully recharge them again a few times, which is a process known as “cycling”. RIM also went on and said that the video chat licensing agreement prompt could be one of the factors that is draining the tablets power, or at least until a user accepts the licensing terms, so by accepting the terms and conditions of the video chat could resolve the battery problem.

User reports have stated that neither of the suggestions put forth by RIM is working although it seem that Blackberry Playbook users who own a higher storage capacity version – either the 32GB or 64GB – are getting more battery out of a single charge. If you own a Playbook and have updated your operating system are you experiencing similar issues?

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