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Android Market webThe amount of apps available on the Android Market has been steadily growing since its inception. With over 200,000 apps available on the Market now, it’s pretty hard to discover the new apps since there’s just so many to choose from. Well, Google has decided to upgrade the Market to make it easier to discover new apps. Starting today, the Android Market will have 5 new app discovery features.

New top app charts – the charts have been revised to be fresher and country specific, so you know what app is being downloaded the most in your country. There are also new categories such as top new paid, and top grossing lists.

Editor’s Choice – the best apps are handpicked by the Android Market staff themselves and placed here. The apps include but are not limited to games and productivity.

Top Developers –developers behind the highest quality, popular and notable apps on the Android Market will be receiving a special icon on their Android Market website to let people know that they’ve attained such a status.

Better related apps – app recommendations are now based on what you’re downloading at the moment, and what other apps that people have been downloading along with the same app.

Trending apps – Apps that are quickly growing in daily installs will be featured here, so users can catch on to the latest trend before it explodes.

These features are now available on the web-based Android Market and will be pushed to Android devices in the near future.

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